by Sharon

I got a real surprise a couple of days ago, when I received an email from Mother's first cousin Doris Locke.
Here is the full text of her emails. It was really fun to have a long-lost relative find us through our sequel website.

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From: Doris Locke
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 9:33 PM
Subject: Neisingers
I so enjoyed the website of the Dick children. I am related to them. My mother was Ella Neisinger McKenzie which is your grandfather Nathan’s sister.
Ella cared for Nathan when he was little. Ella was one of the twins, the other was Nellie Neisinger. We also lived at Snohomish at Roosevelt Hill.
You did a great job of writing the story. Thanks for the memories.
I am also trying to write the story of the Neisingers as most if not all of them in the U.S. are related to us.
Doris McKenzie
(Note: I replied to her email, thanked her, and referred her to Mother's Book Online as well. Below is her response to my email)
So good to hear from you. No I don’t live in the area up north but did visit there in July. I have a grandson, Kacey(Will) Locke living in Bothell
and several other relatives that I am close to still there. However I was born on Roosevelt Hill Rt 2 Snohomish and remember all the aunt and uncles around us, Aunt Eva and Will Clark, Uncle Forest and Margaret Neisinger. Grandpa Paul Neisinger also lived with Forest but he died before I was born. I was told by an older breother that Nathan and Clarence had a house up on Roosevelt Hill also before he married. I think I am just about the last of that generation as I am the youngest of the cousins. My sister, Evelyn is still alive but she will be 90 next year. There are some others but they are leaving us quickly. Your grandfather Nathan would be my first cousin.
I have gathered a lot of information on the Neisingers and I have most of the information on the “men” those carrying the name but I have not followed the female line that much. As far as I know my grandfather, Paul Andrew Neisinger came to the U.S. in about 1865 and later his two brothers 1867and then his mother and father, Jacob and Eva Neisinger. There were also three daughters but those are the ones I haven’t been able to find. I do have their married names and a little information. I have been hunting for them on the census but can’t find them. Our common ancestor is Paul Andrew Neisinger who was my mother’s father. He and his wife, Emma had 12 children and their children had many children so it is a bunch of people to sort through. Nathan was one of the youngest of Paul Andrew Neisinger’s children. Paul Andrew also had a son, Paul Neisinger Jr. and he had about 10 children. Don’t get them confused.
As far as I can find out the Neisingers came from a small village of Schwabsburg in what is known now as Germany. At the time of immigration, it was part of Hessen Darmstatt. Germany did not become a country until after 1865. I have searched records in Schwabsburg but have not found our family. I may have missed the name as the Catholic records are in Latin and the Lutheran records are in old German both difficult to read. Schwabsburg is located south of Frankfurt. I think I have all the family of the three brothers, Paul, Jacob and Peter except the youngest ones.. So far most people I find in the U.S. with the name Neisinger are related. There is a puzzle with the name in New Jersey in the 1860’s but they may be connected. I can’t tell yet.
If you go to google and type in Neisinger you will find a young man named Tony Neisinger. He is connected to us. His brother has been in contact with me and we made a connection to Jacob. We have a cousin of the Jacob line that has also done extensive research and that helped a lot. Peter was more difficult because he seemed to not settle anywhere and drifted from place to place. I think he had a money problem. His wife may have died and he farmed his children out. I know one of his boys lived with Paul and Emma for awhile.
I have been writing my own story and as soon as I get it finished I plan to start on the Neisingers. I don’t know if I can finish it in my lifetime. I am 77 years old and have been doing genealogy for about 20 years. I move kind of slow with my writing trying to get it right. I think our Grandmother Emma Abbott Neisinger goes back to colonial times but I have a couple of links that I can’t find. I don’t know if you ever say the newsletter I did called “Neisinger News”. I did it for a couple of years and sent it out to those Neisingers that I had addresses for. I had hoped that someone else was researching and I would get more information but that was not to be. I would be very grateful for any help I can get in putting this together and glad to share my information.
I will try to stay in touch. However we are going on an extended trip in our motor home for about 6 to 8 weeks. I will have my computer with me but it is not always possible to get on one. When I can I will write Viola. I am younger than her though. I am 77 and will be 78 in December. My husband is 80 this year and except for arthritis we are in pretty good shape. As I said I was the last of the 1st cousins born and there aren’t too many of them left. In my family, the McKenzies only Evelyn and I are left. Evie is turning 90 this January and was always the one of us that was fragile, but she is still with us. I think the Roots (Aunt Nellie) have Marcella, Shirley and Violet left. I think cousin Velma (Aunt Mira) is also still with us but in a assisted living home. I have been hearing from her every Christmas. She did help me with some pictures. What a joy it was to spend an afternoon with her. We both outtalked each other. Some of the information that I gathered is on the internet with the Mormon Church but it may not be completely accurate. One of the cousins joined the Mormon Church and put it there. That was Aunt Maggie Neisinger Paulson’s son Lester. I also got some information from Geneva who was Uncle Forest Neisinger’s daughter. I have so much information that is why I thought I should put it in a book form as it is difficult to send to each one the things they are interested in. Hopefully I will get it done in my lifetime. That is my project for next year. Talk later, Doris McKenzie Locke

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