Hi Everyone, We've had a pretty busy summer. After having the pleasure of being at Larissa and West's wedding on July 10th, we flew to Ohio on the 13th to visit Tami and Josh and Asher and had a great time with them. They were having pretty hot weather out there, but thankfully their house is air conditioned. After a few days there we drove to our mission conference at ABWE in Pennsylvania for 3 days and it was great to see so many missionary friends from over the years, and especially our fellow Bangladesh missionaries. We stayed in the area an extra day so we could go see the drama production of the life of Joseph at the "Sight and Sound" Theater. It was spectacular. We had been there a couple of years ago and saw "Genesis." That too was amazing - with live animals, flying actors and actresses, and a great story, of course, right from the Bible! The next day we drove to Philadelphia Airport in time to pick up Tami and Asher, and we all drove down to North Wildwood NJ to visit George's folks at the shore. They stay there about 5 months every summer/fall in a rented cottage. Asher loved the beach and waves and sand, and of course we all loved playing with him. At three years old he's lots of fun and loves to talk and ask "Why?" Then we drove back to Ohio, about a 12 hr drive. Whew! Surprisingly, Asher did very well, and it was a good trip. We stayed with them 2 more nights and helped with some painting and cleanup as they are preparing their house for selling. When we got back to Olympia, I was able to get together with my childhood friend, Joanie Lind Evans. We had Chinese lunch together (George, too) and then went on a tour of old places we knew: houses, churches, and school. It was great fun. I only wish Joanie's husband, Johnny, could have been there too. He's a pastor in Arizona, and I think he was in a conference or something in the Bahamas. We hope to meet again next summer. This last Sunday we went to Richland for a commissioning service for some new missionaries to Bangladesh. We enjoyed seeing some old friends there too. On our way back from there we stayed in a cabin for 2 nights just outside the southwest entrance to Mt Rainier National Park. We had fun cooking over a campfire and watching the deer in the campground. We also took several hikes in the park. Oh yes, we bought a senior pass for the park which also gives us entrance into all national parks in the country. George asked the guy how long it was good and he said "Forever". Pretty good deal for $10. Then yesterday we had Kayli and Erin over for the day. They had their first piano lesson, so it will be interesting to see how they progress. We also went for a walk, looked at pictures, played Pictionary and just talked. It was a fun day. Yesterday Josh had gallbladder surgery. Tami says he's doing well although he has quite a bit of pain today. But it was expected and we're praying for a quick recovery. So that pretty much catches you up with our summer activities. Trust you all are having a great summer too. Lots of love, Shirley