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Bertha May (Neisinger) Dick

Her family and friends were her life and she loved to tell the stories and record the pictures too. She had great fun putting these all together. As we have time, we will get them scanned and upload them for all to share and enjoy.

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1. THE STORY OF MY LIFE is a book she wrote about her childhood. It chronicles her early years, up until the time of her marriage. =============================================================
2. Don & Bertha Dick 50 Years of Memories is a story about the first 50 years of her marriage. ============================================================
PLEASE NOTE: This book has not been completely uploaded - however, I have made the work in progress available for your viewing pleasure.
( There are over a hundred pages, please be patient, Thank you all) =============================================================
The Sequel - written for her by her children - to celebrate her 80th birthday, and the publishing online of her first book, above. ============================================================